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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Diamox Sequels: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

Diamox Sequels: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

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Mon, Apr 1, 19, 03:38, 11 Months ago
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Diamox Sequels

DIAMOX SEQUELS (Acetazolamide Extended-Release Capsules) are associate degree matter of the accelerator carbonaceous anhydrase.

DIAMOX could be a white to faintly chromatic white crystalline, inodorous powder, feeble acidic, terribly slightly soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol. The chemical name for DIAMOX is N-(5-Sulfamoyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)acetamide.

DIAMOX SEQUELS (acetazolamide xr) are extended-release capsules, for oral administration, every containing five hundred mg of acetazolamide and also the following inactive ingredients:

Microcrystalline polysaccharide, metallic element lauryl sulphate and talc.

The ingredients within the capsule shell are D&C red no. 28, D&C yellow no. 10, FD&C red no. 40, gelatin and titanic oxide.

The ingredients within the acquisition ink are D&C yellow no. ten atomic number 13 lake, FD&C blue no. one atomic number 13 lake, FD&C blue no. a pair of atomic number 13 lake, FD&C red no. forty atomic number 13 lake, pharmaceutical glaze, humectant and artificial iron compound.


Generic Name: acetazolamide xr


Diamox Sequels Indications:

For connected treatment of: chronic easy (open-angle) eye disease, secondary eye disease, and preoperatively in acute acute glaucoma wherever delay of surgery is desired so as to lower pressure level. DIAMOX is additionally indicated for the bar or betterment of symptoms related to acute altitude sickness despite gradual ascent.


Diamox Sequels Dosage:

The counseled dose is one capsule (500 mg) two occasions on a daily basis. sometimes one capsule is run within the morning and 1 capsule in the evening. it should be necessary to regulate the dose, however it's sometimes been found that dose in more than a pair of capsules (1 g) doesn't turn out an exaggerated result. The dose ought to be adjusted with careful individual attention each to symptomatology and intraocular tension. all told cases, continuous direction by a doc is sensible.

In those uncommon instances wherever adequate management isn't obtained by the twice-a-day administration of DIAMOX SEQUELS (acetazolamide xr) , the specified management could also be established by means that of DIAMOX (tablets or parenteral). Use tablets or channel in accordance with the a lot of frequent dose schedules counseled for these dosage forms, like 250 mg each four hours, or associate degree initial dose of five hundred mg followed by 250 mg or one hundred twenty five mg each four hours, looking on the case in question.

Acute Mountain Sickness: dose is five hundred mg to a thousand mg daily, in divided doses victimization tablets or extended-release capsules as applicable. In circumstances of fast ascent, like in rescue or military operations, the upper dose level of a thousand mg is suggested. it's desirable to initiate dosing twenty four to forty eight hours before ascent and to continue for 48 hours whereas at high altitude, or longer as necessary to regulate symptoms.


Diamox Sequels Side Effects:

Body as a whole: Headache, malaise, fatigue, fever, pain at injection web site, flushing, growth retardation in kids, neurological disease, hypersensitivity reaction.

Digestive: gi disturbances like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Hematological/Lymphatic: Blood dyscrasias like anaemia, blood disorder, leukopenia, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, melena.

Hepato-biliary disorders:Abnormal liver operate, cholestatic jaundice, viscus insufficiency, sudden viscus death

Metabolic/Nutritional:Metabolic pathology, solution imbalance, together with symptom, symptom, malacia with long-run Dilantin medical care, loss of appetence, style alteration, hyper/hypoglycemia

Nervous: somnolence, symptom (including symptom and tingling of extremities and face), depression, excitement, ataxia, confusion, convulsions symptom

Skin:Allergic skin reactions together with hives, sensibility, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxicant epidermic lysis

Special senses:Hearing disturbances, tinnitus, transient shortsightedness

Urogenital: Crystalluria, multiplied risk of lithiasis with long-run medical care, hematuria, glycosuria, kidney disease nephrosis

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