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Saturday, February 22, 2020
Actonel: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

Actonel: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

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ACTONEL (risedronate sodium) tablets may be a pyridinyl bisphosphonate that inhibits osteoclast-mediated bone biological process and modulates bone metabolism. every ACTONEL pill for oral administration contains the equivalent of five, 30, 35, 75, or one hundred fifty mg of anhydrous risedronate metallic element within the kind of the hemipentahydrate with little amounts of hydrate.


Generic Name: risedronate sodium


Actonel Indications:

Postmenopausal pathology
ACTONEL is indicated for the treatment and bar of pathology in biological time ladies. In biological time ladies with pathology, ACTONEL reduces the incidence of bone fractures and a composite end of nonvertebral osteoporosis-related fractures.

Osteoporosis In Men
ACTONEL is indicated for treatment to extend bone mass in men with pathology.

Glucocorticoid-Induced pathology
ACTONEL is indicated for the treatment and bar of hormone-induced pathology in men and ladies WHO are either initiating or continued general glucocorticoid treatment (daily indefinite quantity of bigger than or adequate seven.5 mg of anti-inflammatory or equivalent) for chronic diseases. Patients treated with glucocorticoids ought to receive adequate amounts of metallic element and vitamin D.

Paget’s malady
ACTONEL is indicated for treatment of Paget’s malady of bone in men and ladies.


Actonel Dosage:

Take this medication orally as directed by your doctor, sometimes once each day. Take it once obtaining up for the day and before taking your 1st food, liquid or alternative medication. don't take it at time of day or whereas you're still in bed.

Take this medication with a full glass of plain water (6 to eight ounces or one hundred eighty to 240 milliliters). don't take it with the other liquid. Swallow the pill whole. don't chew or suck thereon. Then keep totally upright (sitting, standing or walking) for a minimum of half-hour, and don't lie till once your 1st food of the day. Wait a minimum of half-hour once taking risedronate before you eat or drink something apart from plain water and before taking the other medication orally.


Actonel Side Effects:

Upset stomach might occur. If this impact persists or worsens, tell your doctor or health care provider promptly.

This medication might seldom cause irritation and ulcers in your abdomen or gullet. Get medical facilitate straight away if any of those serious facet effects occur: new/severe/worsening pyrosis, chest pain, tough or painful swallowing, severe stomach/abdominal pain, black/tarry stools, vomit that appears like dregs.

A very serious sensitivity to the present drug is rare. However, get medical facilitate straight away if you notice any symptoms of a significant sensitivity, including: rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe vertigo, hassle respiratory.

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