Plenaxis: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

Plenaxis: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

Abarelix for injectable suspension (Plenaxis™ ) may be a artificial decapeptide with potent antagonistic activity against present gonadotrophin releasing-hormone (GnRH). Plenaxis™ inhibits gonadotrophin and connected steroid production by directly and competitively obstruction GnRH receptors within the pituitary.

Abarelix is with chemicals delineate as acetyl-D-β-naphthylalanyl-D-4-chlorophenylalanyl- D-3-pyridylalanyl-L-seryl-L-N-methyl-tyrosyl-D-asparagyl-L-leucyl-L-N(ε)-isopropyllysyl- L-prolyl-D-alanyl-amide. it's ab initio factory-made as AN acetate water advanced and reborn to a carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) water complex in producing the drug product. The mass for abarelix anhydrous free base is 1416.06.


Generic Name: abarelix

Plenaxis Indications:

Plenaxis™ is indicated for the palliative treatment of men with advanced symptomatic prostatic adenocarcinoma, in United Nations agencym LHRH agonist medical aid isn't applicable and who refuse surgical castration, and have one or additional of the following: (1) risk of neurologic compromise thanks to metastases, (2) ureteral or bladder outlet obstruction thanks to native encroachment or pathologic process illness, or (3) severe bone pain from skeletal metastases dogging on narcotic physiological condition.

Plenaxis Dosage:

The counseled dose of Plenaxis™ is one hundred mg administered intramuscularly to the cheek on Day one, 15, twenty nine (week four) and each 4 weeks thenceforth. Treatment failure may be detected by measure body fluid androgen concentrations simply before Plenaxis™ administration, starting on Day twenty nine and each eight weeks thenceforth.

Plenaxis Side Effects:

Hot flushes
Sleep disturbance
Breast enlargement
Breast pain/nipple tenderness
Back pain 
Peripheral lump 
Upper tract infection 
Micturition frequency 
Urinary retention 
Urinary tract infection

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