Tolu Balsam

Tolu Balsam
Tolu Balsam

tolu balsam is a sap-like substance that comes from the myroxylon balsamum tree. it is used as medication.

humans take tolu balsam for cough, bronchitis, swollen airways, and cancer.

tolu balsam is applied at once to the pores and skin to deal with bedsores, cracked nipples, cracked lips, and minor skin cuts.

a few people inhale tolu balsam to treat hoarseness and croup.

in meals, tolu balsam is used to taste chewing gum, meals, and drinks.

in manufacturing, tolu balsam is used as a fixative, as a perfume in soaps and cosmetics, and as a flavoring in cough medicines.

other names is tolu balsam acknowledged by:
balsam, balsam tolu, bálsamo de tolú, balsamum tolutanum, baume de tolu, baumier du pérou, myroxylon balsamum, myroxylon balsamum var. balsamum, opobalsam, resin tolu, resina tolutana, thomas balsam, toluifera balsamum, tolu, toluiferum balsamum.

insufficient proof to fee effectiveness for:
most cancers.
swollen airlines.
bedsores, whilst implemented to the affected vicinity.
cracked nipples, while applied to the affected area.
cracked lips, while implemented to the affected place.
minor pores and skin cuts, whilst carried out to the affected area.