tragacanth is a plant. the sap-like cloth (resin) of the plant is used to make medicinal drug, tragacanth is used both for diarrhea and constipation.

it is also an element in toothpastes, hand creams, denture adhesives, and vaginal creams and jellies.

in meals, tragacanth is crucial for stabilizing and thickening ingredients in salad dressings, foods, and drinks.

in pharmaceutical products, tragacanth is used as a binding agent.

other names is tragacanth acknowledged by using:
adragante, astragale adragant, astragale de marseille, astragalus gummifer, coussin-de-belle-mère, goat's thorn, gomme adragante, gomme de dragon, green dragon, gum dragon, gummi tragacanthae, gum tragacanth, hog gum, syrian tragacanth, tragacanth gum, tragacanthe, tragacanto.

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