Wafer Ash

Wafer Ash
Wafer Ash

wafer ash is a plant. the basis bark is used to make medicinal drug, humans take wafer ash for stomach troubles, gallstones, poor appetite, and joint and muscle ache (rheumatism). a few humans also take it as a tonic.

wafer ash is once in a while applied at once to the skin as a wound dressing.

different names is wafer ash known through:
bois puant, orme de samarie, pickaway anise, prairie grub, ptelea trifoliata, ptéléa trifolié, scubby trefoil, stinking prairie bush, swamp dogwood, 3-leaved hop tree, wingseed.

inadequate proof to charge effectiveness for:
loss of urge for food.

joint and muscle ache (rheumatism).

belly problems.

wound dressings, while applied to the pores and skin.

different situations.