White Sandalwood

White Sandalwood
White Sandalwood

white sandalwood is an evergreen tree. the oil from the wood and the timber are used as medicinal drug. don't confuse white sandalwood with crimson sandalwood.

white sandalwood is used for treating the commonplace bloodless, cough, bronchitis, fever, and sore mouth and throat. it's also used to treat urinary tract infections (utis), liver disorder, gallbladder troubles, heatstroke, gonorrhea, headache, and conditions of the coronary heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular ailment).

in meals and drinks, white sandalwood is used as a flavoring.

in manufacturing, white sandalwood oil is used as a perfume in soaps, cosmetics, and perfumes.

other names is white sandalwood recognized by using:
ananditam, bois de santal blanc, bois de santal jaune, chandan, chandana, east indian sandalwood, huile de santal blanc, oil of sandalwood, safed-chandan, sandal tree, sándalo, sanderswood, santal, santal blanc, santal citrin, santali lignum albi, santal oil, santalum album, swet chandan, taliaparnam, tan xiang, white sandalwood oil, white saunders, yellow sandalwood, yellow saunders.

insufficient proof to charge effectiveness for:
mental alertness. early studies shows that breathing in perfume from white sandalwood oil for 20 mins or making use of white sandalwood oil to the pores and skin does now not enhance intellectual alertness or attentiveness in wholesome people.
urinary tract infections (utis).
not unusual bloodless.
sore mouth and throat.
liver and gallbladder problems.
other situations.