Anal Fistulas

Anal Fistulas
Anal Fistulas

what is an anal fistula, an anal fistula is an ordinary tube-like connection that paperwork among the inner of the anus (on the anal gland) and the skin right outdoor the anus. think of it as a tunnel.


symptoms of an anal fistula
the abscess that causes the fistula is quite painful. it may reason extreme ache and swelling across the anus. this pain gets worse with bowel moves. every so often there’s discharge from the opening around the anus. you could also have a fever and bleeding across the location.

what causes an anal fistula?
an anal fistula typically starts offevolved with an contamination inside the anal gland. this contamination can motive an abscess (a swollen area wherein pus gathers). as the pus drains, it may go away a channel between the bowel and the pores and skin. this channel (or tunnel) is the fistula.

how is an anal fistula identified?
your medical doctor can diagnose an anal fistula with a bodily examination of the anal region. in case your medical doctor sees a fistula, he or she will be able to generally attempt to decide the intensity and route of the fistula. in a few instances, you could require extra tests.


can an anal fistula be averted or avoided?
nearly all anal fistulas broaden because of an abscess in the vicinity. from time to time abscesses are as a result of crohn’s disease, trauma, or stis.

anal fistula remedy
most anal abscesses may be drained in a health practitioner’s workplace underneath neighborhood anesthesia. if a fistula has advanced, the physician will want to surgically get rid of it.

after the fistula has been removed, you’ll want to take antibiotics. you can need to wear a pad over your anal place until you’re healed. sitz baths can help you sense better. fill the bath with enough lukewarm water to cover your hips and buttocks. don’t use soap or bubbles or another merchandise until prescribed by way of your physician. relax in the sitz tub three to 4 times an afternoon for approximately 10 minutes at a time.


living with an anal fistula
maximum fistulas reply well to surgical treatment. in case your fistula surgery is more complex because of the place of it, your health practitioner may need to reduce a small portion of your sphincter muscle during surgery. your medical doctor will make each attempt to prevent muscle harm. there's a threat, even though, that it could be tougher with a view to control your bowels after surgery. if the medical doctor believes this is probable, she or he may recommend different techniques or remedies for coping with your fistula.