what is edema, edema is swelling or puffiness of elements of the body. edema typically happens in the toes, ankles, and legs. it also can have an effect on the face and palms. pregnant girls and older adults often get edema, however it is able to show up to every person.

edema signs and symptoms
if you have swelling for your legs, ankles, and ft no longer related to an harm, it is able to be edema. it can cause puffiness of your face and hands, too. you can have swelling in all of those areas right away or in best one area. it is able to reason you to sense uncomfortable. it may even limit the range of movement on your ankles and wrists.

what causes edema?
edema is because of more fluid that builds up within the tissues of your frame. many stuff can motive fluid to accumulate. every so often gravity pulls fluid down into your legs and feet. sitting or status nonetheless for too lengthy can purpose edema of the legs, mainly in warm climate. consuming meals with too much salt could make the trouble worse. edema can also be a aspect impact of taking positive drug treatments.

a few fitness issues, which includes congestive heart failure, liver ailment, and kidney disorder, can reason edema. you can't catch edema from other human beings. it does not run in families.

how is edema diagnosed?
your doctor can inform whether or not you've got edema by means of examining you. the pores and skin over the swollen place may be stretched and bright. pushing lightly at the swollen area for about 15 seconds will go away a dimple. if this happens, your health practitioner would possibly need to do some checks to see what's causing your edema.

can edema be averted or averted?
relying on what it causing your edema, you can not be able to save you it from happening. if your edema is due to fitness problems, together with congestive heart failure, liver disorder, or kidney disorder, you may now not be able to save you it, most effective control it. in case your edema is due to eating an excessive amount of salt, you'll be able to save you it by means of eating much less salt.

edema remedy
the handiest way to treat edema is to deal with the situation that is inflicting it. your health practitioner might want you to take a medication referred to as a diuretic. that is additionally known as a water tablet. those tablets help flush salt and extra fluid from your body via your urine.

it's far crucial to peer your health practitioner if you have edema, particularly if you are pregnant. if it isn't always treated, your skin may additionally preserve stretching. this may cause different fitness troubles. if you have edema and also you begin to have problem breathing, call your doctor proper away.

living with edema
the following are some things you could do at domestic to preserve the swelling down:

raise your legs whilst you are sitting or lying down.
if you have edema of the legs, put on guide stockings. you may buy those at maximum drugstores. guide stockings placed stress to your legs to maintain fluid from collecting in your legs and ankles.
do now not sit down or stand for long periods of time with out moving around.
observe your health practitioner’s advice approximately restricting how lots salt you eat.