Erythema Nodosum

Erythema Nodosum
Erythema Nodosum

what's erythema nodosum, erythema nodosum (en) is a type of inflammatory disease. it causes nodules, or bumps, to form under your pores and skin. en is extra not unusual in girls than guys.


signs and symptoms of erythema nodosum
nodules are the principle sign of en. they are able to look just like bruises, but have firm, bumps underneath your skin. the nodules regularly are smooth and painful, and may be hot to the touch. they're purple at first and then can turn red or brown. nodules are maximum commonplace on the decrease half of of your body. this consists of your thighs, knees, shins, ankles, and ft.

other viable en signs and symptoms consist of:

flu-like feeling
achy joints
swelling or irritation
irritated skin.
what causes erythema nodosum?
en may be linked to infections, inclusive of streptococcus (strep). other common infections include tuberculosis (tb), mononucleosis, and hepatitis b. reactions to positive medicines, which include antibiotics or start manipulate pills, may also cause en.

other conditions that may be related to en are:

inflammatory bowel disorder (ibd)
rheumatic fever
being pregnant.
now and again, the precise purpose of en is unknown.

how is erythema nodosum diagnosed?
commonly, your health practitioner can diagnose en by way of looking at your symptoms. they'll do a biopsy to confirm or order tests to decide a motive. as an instance, a throat tradition can test for a strep contamination. a chest x-ray can take a look at for tuberculosis.

can erythema nodosum be prevented or averted?
you can not prevent or avoid en.

erythema nodosum remedy
treatment may additionally rely on if some thing brought on en. if your health practitioner suspects a response to remedy, they'll alternate your prescription. if you have an contamination, the medical doctor can prescribe antibiotics or steroids.

popular types of remedy encompass:

pain drug treatments to alleviate soreness
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pills (nsaids) to lessen swelling
elevation of the affected location to reduce swelling
a cold or hot compress to relieve pain and reduce swelling
residing with erythema nodosum
most instances of en are not extreme and depart in about 6 weeks. communicate on your medical doctor if it lasts longer otherwise you get it extra than as soon as.