what is glaucoma, glaucoma is a watch sickness which can reason lack of imaginative and prescient. it normally takes place whilst fluid builds up in the attention, causing an growth in stress. this damages the eye’s optic nerve. human beings with glaucoma begin slowly losing their peripheral (side) vision. with out treatment, they will lose their imaginative and prescient completely.

in the beginning, glaucoma has no signs and symptoms. it reasons no pain and your vision is normal. subsequently, with out remedy, you will start losing your peripheral vision. you would possibly omit seeing items out of the corner of your eye. over the years, it's going to appear like you are searching through a tunnel. if your glaucoma is left untreated, your imaginative and prescient may additionally step by step lower till it's miles long gone completely.

many humans who have glaucoma are not aware they have got the ailment. by the point they be aware lack of vision, the attention damage is extreme.

rarely, an individual will have an acute (surprising or brief-time period) assault of glaucoma. in these cases, the attention turns into crimson and extremely painful. nausea, vomiting, and blurred vision may also arise. this is an eye fixed emergency. call your eye care professional right away in case you enjoy these signs and symptoms.

reasons & risk elements
what causes glaucoma?
generally, fluid on your eye nourishes the eye and keeps it healthful. after the fluid circulates through the eye, it empties via a drain inside the front of your eye. in people who've glaucoma, the fluid doesn’t drain well. alternatively, it builds up and causes elevated stress in the attention. this stress damages the optic nerve and causes imaginative and prescient loss.

who gets glaucoma?
hazard elements for glaucoma encompass:

being forty years of age or older.
belonging to sure ethnic companies, along with black and latino.
a own family history of glaucoma.
high stress inside the eyes.
coronary heart sickness.
close to-sightedness (it is difficult on the way to see objects in the distance).
how is glaucoma identified?
glaucoma is normally recognized by way of an optometrist or ophthalmologist. these are human beings particularly trained to offer care for the eyes. they'll give you a comprehensive eye examination, which will include several assessments. these checks consist of:

visible acuity take a look at – measures how nicely you spot at unique distances.
visual field test – measures your peripheral imaginative and prescient.
dilated eye examination – allows your eye care professional to have a look at your retina and optic nerve for signs of harm or different eye problems.
tonometry – measures the stress inner the attention.
pachymetry – measures the thickness of your cornea.
many of those assessments can be used to diagnose glaucoma.

can glaucoma be avoided or avoided?
there’s not anything you may do to keep away from getting glaucoma. however you can save you it from having a big effect for your imaginative and prescient. the first-class way to do this is by using getting your eyes checked frequently. it's miles essential to get comprehensive eye assessments by way of an optometrist or ophthalmologist. early diagnosis and remedy of glaucoma can save you harm to the attention’s nerve cells and save you extreme vision loss.

human beings 18 to 60 years of age need to have an eye exam every 2 years. after age 60, you need to have an eye exam once a yr.

the reason of treatment is to lower the pressure in the eye. this will prevent similarly nerve damage and vision loss. glaucoma is typically dealt with with medicated eye drops. medicines that may be taken orally (in pill shape) can now and again be prescribed, as properly.

it's miles important to take glaucoma medicines frequently, as prescribed by using your eye care professional.  due to the fact glaucoma doesn’t reason symptoms, you might forget to take your remedy. however you need to use the drops or drugs often to help manipulate the strain to your eye.

whilst eye drops don’t help relieve strain, you could need different treatment. laser treatment makes use of a laser to open up the drain wherein fluid flows out. it is a painless procedure. if that doesn’t paintings, you could need surgery to create a brand new channel where fluid can glide out of your eye.

everyday residing
in case your glaucoma changed into stuck and handled early, you may not observe any distinction on your vision. you may lead a everyday existence and not using a symptoms, as long as you are taking your medicinal drug each day. if you are taking medicine for glaucoma, your eye care expert will probably need to see you regularly. this can be every 3 to 6 months.

if you have skilled some loss to your vision, talk on your eye care professional. there may be a few low-imaginative and prescient offerings or gadgets that permit you to make the most of your ultimate imaginative and prescient. network businesses could provide counseling, training, or other unique offerings for humans who have visual impairments.