Head Lice

Head Lice
Head Lice

what is head lice, head lice are small wingless insects (insects) that could get for your hair and scalp. lice are parasites, which means that they feed on very small quantities of your blood. lice bites may additionally purpose steady scratching and result in skin infection or maybe infection.

what are the signs and symptoms of head lice?
because lice flow very rapid, they're no longer constantly smooth to see. here’s what you could watch for:

frequent scratching.
small pink bumps or sores at the scalp, neck, and shoulders.
lice eggs, also referred to as nits, which look like tiny, oval fashioned, white, or clear dots. nits normally stick at an perspective on hair shafts.
if you think someone on your own family has head lice, it’s possibly quality to test every person inside the family. in case you’re now not positive, your family health practitioner can assist diagnose head lice.

what causes head lice?
anybody can get head lice, however it's far greater common among college-elderly youngsters. head lice unfold extra effortlessly amongst children 3 years to 12 years of age due to the fact they proportion their belongings greater often than adults and play intently together.

it’s now not true that people get head lice due to the fact they’re dirty. head lice are very contagious. irrespective of how normally you or your child takes a bath or washes his or her hair, it’s still possible to get head lice from head-to-head touch with a person who's already infested with lice. you can additionally get head lice if you percentage hats, towels, pillows, combs, or brushes with someone who has head lice.

how is head lice diagnosed?
in maximum cases, you should be able to diagnose head lice your self. finding a live nymph (young) or adult louse at the scalp or hair is sufficient for a high quality analysis of head lice.

in case you locate best nits (eggs) attached to hair, chances are still pretty strong that there may be a lice infestation. however, if the nits are placed greater than ¼ inch from the base of the hair shaft, they maximum likely are dead and will now not hatch. if you see these nits and no live bugs, you not have active head lice.

if you could’t discover any lice but are nonetheless having symptoms, you can see your physician for help with the prognosis.

can head lice be avoided or averted?
it may be hard to prevent head lice from spreading among youngsters, but the following are a few steps you may take to help hold lice away:

ask your infant now not to percentage combs, brushes, or hair decorations.
ask your infant now not to attempt on hats that belong to different youngsters.
if your toddler could be sleeping far from home, make certain to percent his or her personal pillow and towels.
head lice treatment
head lice may be treated with over the counter or prescription merchandise. over the counter shampoos and lotions containing pyrethrin (one logo call: rid) or permethrin (logo call: nix) are typically used to deal with head lice. shampoos and lotions that kill head lice include insecticides and other chemicals. it's miles essential to speak for your physician before using those products, specifically in case you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have allergic reactions or bronchial asthma. it's also now not secure to apply merchandise with pesticides on or close to your eyes. in case you locate head lice or nits in eyelashes or brows, speak on your physician.

if over the counter products aren't effective, your medical doctor can prescribe a cream, lotion, or shampoo to treat your head lice. certain prescription merchandise also are safer for girls who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

the products that kill head lice don’t normally kill all nits. to lessen the risk of any other lice infestation, select the final lice and nits through hand or by the usage of a special comb (one brand call: licemeister comb) to put off them. comb via all the hair, one segment at a time, each three days or greater regularly. do that for at the least 2 weeks or until you stop seeing head lice and nits.

you ought to additionally use hot water to scrub any bed linens, towels, and garb lately worn with the aid of the individual that had head lice. vacuum something that could’t be washed, consisting of the couch, carpets, your toddler’s automobile seat, and any stuffed animals. due to the fact head lice don’t stay very lengthy far from the scalp, you don’t need to use lice spray on those gadgets.


residing with head lice
the coolest news is which you don’t must live with head lice for lengthy, although it could feel like a long term. it can take some treatments and a few weeks to dispose of them completely.

head lice can not leap or fly. most effective the direct contact with an infested individual or their contaminated gadgets can unfold lice. encourage your younger and school-aged youngsters to take the precautions indexed above to keep away from future cases of head lice.