what's leprosy, leprosy is a continual infection because of mycobacterium leprae (m. leprae) micro organism. it could affect the skin and the nerves of the palms and ft, as well as the eyes and the lining of the nose. in some cases, leprosy can also affect different organs, together with the kidneys and testicles in guys. if left untreated, leprosy can reason deformities of the fingers and feet, blindness, and kidney failure.

leprosy is also referred to as hansen’s ailment.

symptoms of leprosy
leprosy progresses very slowly. most of the people who have leprosy do now not increase symptoms for as a minimum a yr after being infected by means of the micro organism. in most cases, it takes five to 7 years for signs to expand.

leprosy damages the nerves and muscle groups. it is able to reason sores, lesions, lumps, and bumps to seem on the pores and skin. there are 2 sorts of leprosy: tuberculoid leprosy and lepromatous leprosy. tuberculoid leprosy is the much less excessive and much less contagious form of the sickness. lepromatous leprosy is greater intense and generalized. it's also more contagious. this kind of leprosy may also have an effect on organs such as the kidneys, testicles (in men), eyes, and nose.

relying at the form of leprosy, signs and symptoms may additionally consist of:

pores and skin sores or lesions that do not heal after numerous months (lesions are flat or slightly extended and light in colour or barely pink)
pores and skin lumps and bumps that can be disfiguring
numbness of the skin because of harm to the nerves under the skin
muscle weakness
what causes leprosy?
doctors aren’t exactly sure how leprosy is unfold. leprosy is not very contagious. you may’t trap it by way of touching someone who has the disorder. maximum cases of leprosy are from long-term contact with a person who has the sickness. medical doctors agree with that leprosy might be passed from man or woman to person. this occurs via breathing in droplets that get into the air whilst inflamed people cough or sneeze. most people who are available in touch with the m. leprae do no longer expand leprosy. however, people whose immune structures are weakened from continual sickness (which include diabetes, hiv, aids, or heart sickness) may be more likely to increase leprosy. this is because their immune structures aren't strong sufficient to fight the bacteria.

kids are more likely to expand leprosy than adults.

how is leprosy diagnosed?
your health practitioner will ask you questions about your clinical records and the signs and symptoms you are experiencing. he or she will be able to in all likelihood need to get rid of a tiny piece of the affected pores and skin (referred to as a biopsy) to check for the m. leprae micro organism.

can leprosy be averted or averted?
even though the risk of catching leprosy may be very low, you can still lessen your chance. the exceptional way to prevent leprosy is to avoid contact with body fluids and the rashes of humans who have leprosy.

leprosy treatment
leprosy is dealt with with antibiotics. antibiotics can kill all the m. leprae bacteria in your body, however they could’t opposite nerve harm or deformities because of leprosy. this is why early remedy is critical. you could want to take antibiotics for 6 months or longer, depending at the severity of your infection.

residing with leprosy
if left untreated, leprosy can motive permanent damage to the nerves in the arms, ft, fingers, and toes. this may affect a person’s ability to sense ache and temperature in these areas of the body. whilst you could’t sense your fingers or feet, you can accidentally burn, cut, or hurt your self. repeated accidents and nerve harm can purpose muscle weakness, deformities, and even the lack of palms and feet. untreated leprosy can also purpose swelling, and pores and skin sores and lesions which are greater intense.

if leprosy damages the lining of the nostril, it could purpose common nosebleeds and steady stuffiness. if leprosy damages your eyes, it may lead to glaucoma or even blindness. lepromatous leprosy can lessen the quantity of the male hormone testosterone and sperm counts in guys.  this may result in erectile dysfunction and infertility. in more excessive cases, leprosy can also harm the kidneys, which can lead to kidney failure.