Polycythemia Vera

Polycythemia Vera
Polycythemia Vera

what is polycythemia vera, polycythemia vera (pv) is a rare disorder that reasons your body to make too many purple blood cells. your blood may also emerge as too thick. this causes extreme fitness troubles. pv increases the threat of abnormal blood clots, which can cause a stroke. this disease happens most often in folks that are about 60 years old or older.

symptoms of polycythemia vera
in its early tiers, pv generally doesn’t reason any signs. as the disorder progresses, symptoms consist of:

shortness of breath
itchy or flushed skin
a tingling or burning sensation within the hands and ft
what reasons polycythemia vera?
pv starts in the bone marrow. bone marrow is the smooth tissue inside bones that makes blood cells. while bone marrow makes too many purple blood cells, the result is pv.

how is polycythemia vera diagnosed?
when you have symptoms of pv, your doctor may additionally observe you and order blood checks. occasionally the disease can be discovered through twist of fate when you have blood paintings completed for another reason. your doctor will want you to see a hematologist (a physician who treats blood problems) to make the prognosis. if he or she suspects you may have pv, you could want to have a bone marrow biopsy. that is while a small a part of your bone marrow is removed and examined for symptoms of pv.

can polycythemia vera be averted or averted?
pv cannot be avoided.

polycythemia vera treatment
there's no single treatment for pv. doctors ought to modify the remedy for each affected person. treatment may also consist of a phlebotomy. in this treatment, some of your blood is eliminated to help keep the variety of purple blood cells down and decrease the chance of blood clots. treatment may include a medicine that continues the bone marrow from making too many pink blood cells or to assist reduce the risk of blood clots. medical doctors also can treat the itchy pores and skin and burning ache that you may revel in.

dwelling with polycythemia vera
pv is a serious illness which could motive loss of life, mainly if it is not treated. there is presently no cure for pv. however, with new remedies, people who've the disorder are residing longer, many for a ordinary life-span.

the aim is to make your existence higher by treating the signs and symptoms and assisting you to live longer. normal monitoring and remedies are an crucial part of dwelling with pv.