Bone Density Scan

Bone Density Scan
Bone Density Scan

a bone density check determines if you have osteoporosis — a ailment characterized by means of bones which are more fragile and more likely to interrupt.

within the past, osteoporosis would be suspected only after you broke a bone. by way of that time, however, your bones might be quite vulnerable. a bone density check complements the accuracy of calculating your threat of breaking bones.

a bone density check uses x-rays to degree what number of grams of calcium and different bone minerals are packed into a phase of bone. the bones which are most generally examined are in the spine, hip and on occasion the forearm.

docs use bone density trying out to:

identify decreases in bone density earlier than you damage a bone
decide your chance of damaged bones (fractures)
confirm a diagnosis of osteoporosis
reveal osteoporosis treatment

the better your bone mineral content, the denser your bones are. and the denser your bones, the more potent they generally are and the much less in all likelihood they may be to break.

bone density exams differ from bone scans. bone scans require an injection ahead and are typically used to come across fractures, cancer, infections and other abnormalities in the bone.

despite the fact that osteoporosis is extra not unusual in older ladies, men can also develop the condition. regardless of your sex or age, your physician may additionally advise a bone density check if you've:

misplaced peak. people who have misplaced as a minimum 1.6 inches (four centimeters) in peak might also have compression fractures in their spines, for which osteoporosis is one of the primary causes.
fractured a bone. fragility fractures occur when a bone becomes so fragile that it breaks a great deal more effortlessly than expected. fragility fractures can once in a while be caused by a robust cough or sneeze.
taken sure pills. lengthy-term use of steroid medicinal drugs, together with prednisone, interferes with the bone-rebuilding manner — which can result in osteoporosis.

acquired a transplant. people who have obtained an organ or bone marrow transplant are at better chance of osteoporosis, partially due to the fact anti-rejection pills additionally intervene with the bone-rebuilding method.
had a drop in hormone degrees. further to the herbal drop in hormones that takes place after menopause, ladies's estrogen may additionally drop at some stage in certain most cancers treatments. some remedies for prostate cancer lessen testosterone degrees in guys. reduced sex hormone degrees weaken bone.

Bone Density Scan