Aga Mushroom

Aga Mushroom
Aga Mushroom

aga is a mushroom. its cap is pink with white spots. aga grows in sandy, acidic soils in the us. it's far every now and then referred to as "fly agaric," due to the fact a number of the chemical substances it carries are toxic to the commonplace housefly. in spite of extreme safety concerns, humans use the elements of aga that grow above the ground to make remedy.

aga is used in homeopathy for nerve pain, fever, tension, alcohol poisoning, and joint pains.

some people use it as a recreational drug to cause "thoughts-changing sensations" which might be some thing like hallucinations.

different names is aga recognised with the aid of?
amanita muscaria, amanite tue-mouches, fausse oronge, fly agaric, matamoscas, soma.

inadequate evidence to price effectiveness for:
nerve ache.
joint ache.
alcohol poisoning.
different situations.

greater proof is wanted to charge the effectiveness of aga for those makes use of.

Aga Mushroom