ahcc is a group of chemical compounds taken from fungus.

ahcc is used for cancer and liver damage.

different names is ahcc recognised by:
lively hexose correlated compound, basidiomycetes extract, composé corrélé d'hexose actif, compuestos activos correlacionados hexosa, extrait de basidiomycètes, extrait de champignon, fungi extract.

inadequate proof to price effectiveness for:
most cancers. research on the consequences of ahcc in humans with most cancers is not regular. a few limited studies suggests that taking ahcc improves survival and excellent of lifestyles in humans with belly, colon, or lung cancer. but, different early studies suggests that taking ahcc does now not enhance nice of existence or remedy in humans with one of a kind sorts of most cancers.
chemotherapy side results. a few early research indicates that taking ahcc may reduce a number of the gastrointestinal facet results, along with nausea, related to chemotherapy use. but, this data is not very reliable. different limited studies that indicates ahcc would possibly offer other benefits for human beings receiving chemotherapy treatments.
hepatitis c. early studies indicates that taking ahcc day by day for 6 months does now not advantage people with hepatitis c.
liver most cancers. a few constrained evidence suggests that taking ahcc would possibly lengthen survival and enhance satisfactory of life in human beings with liver most cancers.
prostate cancer. early studies shows that taking ahcc every day for six months does not advantage human beings with prostate most cancers.
other conditions.

greater proof is needed to price the effectiveness of ahcc for these makes use of.