alchemilla is an herb. the elements that grow above the ground are used to make medicinal drug.

different names is alchemilla recognised by way of:
alchemilla vulgaris, alchemilla xanthochlora, alchémille, alchémille commune, alchémille jaunâtre, alchémille vert jaune, alquimila, alquimilla, feuilles d'alchémille, frauenmantel, frauenmantelkraut, girl's mantle, leontopodium, lion's foot, manteau de notre-dame, manto de la virgen, marienmantel, nine hooks, nueve ganchos, pie de león, pied de lion, silerkraut, stellaria.

alchemilla is used for belly problems, mild diarrhea, diabetes, water retention, swelling (irritation), and muscle spasms. a few human beings use it as a gargle for sore mouth and throat.

girls use alchemilla for heavy or painful menstrual periods or for signs and symptoms of menopause.

some humans apply alchemilla at once to the pores and skin to prevent bleeding; improve wound recovery; or deal with ulcers, eczema, or skin rashes.

alchemilla is likewise brought to bathtub water for treating lower-abdominal ailments.

there isn't always sufficient data to recognise if alchemilla is effective for the conditions humans use it for, which includes: diarrhea, pores and skin conditions together with ulcers, eczema, and rashes, diabetes, menstrual irregularities, bleeding and wound healing, belly issues, muscle spasms, and others.

insufficient proof to fee effectiveness for:
heavy or painful menstrual intervals.
wound recovery.
belly disorders.
muscle spasms.
pores and skin conditions inclusive of ulcers, eczema, and rashes.
different situations.

greater proof is needed to rate the effectiveness of alchemilla for those makes use of.