alkanna is a plant. the root is used to make medicine.

other names is alkanna acknowledged by way of:
alkanet, alkanna lehmanii, alkanna radix, alkanna tinctoria, alkanna tuberculata, anchusa, anchusa bracteolata, anchusa tuberculata, buglosse des teinturiers, dyer's bugloss, henna, lithospermum lehmanii, orcan├Ęte, orcanette, orcanette des teinturiers, orchanet, radix anchusae.

despite severe safety concerns, human beings use alkanna for diarrhea and belly ulcers.

alkanna is from time to time applied without delay to the pores and skin to heal wounds and deal with pores and skin illnesses.

inadequate evidence to charge effectiveness for:
stomach ulcers.
pores and skin illnesses, whilst carried out to the pores and skin.
wounds, while implemented to the skin.
other conditions.

greater evidence is wanted to rate the effectiveness of alkanna for those uses.