Alpine Cranberry

Alpine Cranberry
Alpine Cranberry

lingonberry is a plant. the leaves and berries are used to make medicine.

other names is lingonberry recognized by means of:
airelle, airelle d'ida, airelle à culmination rouges, airelle à pomme de terre, airelle rouge, airelle vigne d'ida, airelle vigne du mont ida, arándano europeo, cowberry, dry ground cranberry, foxberry, lingen, lingenberry, lingon, lingonberry, lowbush cranberry, moss cranberry, mountain cranberry, partridgeberry, red bilberry, redberries, purple whortleberry, rock cranberry, shore cranberry, vaccinium vitis-idaea, vine of mount ida.

lingonberry is used for urinary tract issues such as inflammation, kidney stones, and infections. it's also used for increasing urine production (as a diuretic).

different uses include treating gout, arthritis, and infections because of viruses.

lingonberry leaves are from time to time used as a substitute for bearberry (uva america) leaves.

probably effective for:
urinary tract infections (utis). ). studies indicates that ingesting 50 ml of a beverage that consists of cranberry and lingonberry each day for 6 months can reduce the hazard of recurrent utis in ladies and the variety of utis in girls 3-12 years-vintage.
insufficient proof to charge effectiveness for...
urinary tract irritation.
kidney stones.
growing urine production (as a diuretic).
different situations.

extra proof is wanted to charge the effectiveness of lingonberry for those uses.

Alpine Cranberry