American Hellebore

American Hellebore
American Hellebore

american hellebore is a plant. the bulb and root are used to make medicinal drug.

notwithstanding critical safety concerns, american hellebore has been used for epilepsy, spasms, high blood pressure, fever, fluid retention, and nervousness.

in manufacturing, american hellebore has been used as an insecticide.

don't confuse american hellebore with european hellebore and pheasant's eye (fake hellebore).

different names is american hellebore acknowledged by way of:
american veratrum, american white hellebore, bugbane, satan's chunk, earth gall, eléboro americano, eléboro verde, fake hellebore, faux hellébore, inexperienced hellebore, green veratrum, indian poke, itchweed, tabac du diable, tickleweed, varaire vert, vératre vert, veratro verde, veratrum eschscholtzii, veratrum viride.

insufficient proof to price effectiveness for:
water retention.
high blood stress.
different conditions.

more proof is wanted to charge the effectiveness of american hellebore for those uses.

American Hellebore