American Ivy

American Ivy
American Ivy

american ivy is a plant. its bark is used to make medicine.

human beings take american ivy for digestion troubles. in addition they use it to purpose sweating, as a drying agent (astringent), and as a tonic.

other names is american ivy recognised by means of:
american woodbine, creeper, enamorada del muro, enredadera de virginia, false grapes, five leaves, herbe à l.  a. percent, ivy, parra virgen, parthénocisse à cinq folioles, parthenocissus quinquefolia, vigne vierge, vigne vierge commune, vigne vierge de virginie, viña del canadá, viña virgen, virginia creeper, wild woodbine, wild woodvine, woody climber.

insufficient proof to charge effectiveness for:
digestion problems.
inflicting sweating.
use as a drying agent (astringent).
use as a tonic.
different situations.

more evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of yank ivy for these uses.

American Ivy