Bee Venom

Bee Venom
Bee Venom

bee venom is made with the aid of bees. that is the poison that makes bee stings painful. bee venom is used to make remedy. do not confuse bee venom with bee pollen, honey, or royal jelly. different venoms are derived from associated contributors of the insect order hymenoptera.

bee venom is given as a shot for rheumatoid arthritis, nerve ache (neuralgia), a couple of sclerosis (ms), decreasing the reaction to bee stings in folks who are allergic (desensitization) to them (venom immunotherapy), swollen tendons (tendonitis), and muscle situations such as fibromyositis and enthesitis.

different names is bee venom recognized through:
apis mellifera, apis venenum purum, apitoxin, apitoxine, bald-faced hornet, bee sting venom, bombus terrestis, bumblebee venom, frelon à face blanche, frelon jaune, guêpe à taches blanches, honeybee venom, combined vespids, natural bee venom, veneno de abeja, venin d'abeille, venin d'abeille mellifère, venin d'abeille natural, venin de bourdon, venin de guêpe, vespula maculata, wasp venom, white-confronted hornet, yellow hornet, yellow-jacket venom.

probable powerful for:
decreasing the severity of allergies to bee stings. a chain of bee venom photographs under the pores and skin (bee venom immunotherapy) seems to be powerful for reducing reactions to bee stings in people with excessive hypersensitivity to bee stings. bee venom immunotherapy affords 98% to ninety nine% safety from reactions to bee stings. as soon as immunotherapy is stopped, the threat of reaction over the following five to ten years is set five% to 15%. purified bee venom for underneath-the-skin injection is an fda accepted product.

probable ineffective for:
arthritis. human beings used to suppose that bee venom is probably a useful remedy for arthritis. this concept was largely due to supposed swelling-reducing (anti-inflammatory) effects of bee venom and the observation that many beekeepers do not increase arthritis. however, studies results have now not supported this.
a couple of sclerosis (ms). administering live bee stings in steadily increasing doses up to twenty stings given three instances weekly does no longer seem to improve multiples sclerosis. treatment for twenty-four weeks does now not appear to improve fatigue, incapacity, or first-rate of existence.

insufficient proof to fee effectiveness for:
nerve ache.
painful, swollen tendons (tendonitis).
muscle swelling (infection).

extra proof is needed to charge the effectiveness of bee venom for those makes use of.

Bee Venom