Bog Bilberry

Bog Bilberry
Bog Bilberry

lavatory bilberry is a plant. the dried, ripe fruit is used to make medicinal drug. be cautious no longer to confuse bathroom bilberry with bilberry fruit or bilberry leaf.

people take bog bilberry tea for diarrhea, bladder problems, and swelling (irritation) of the liner of the belly and the intestines.

different names is bog bilberry recognised by using:
airelle bleue, airelle des marais, airelle des marécages, airelle noire, arándano negro, embrune, fausse myrtille, moosbeere, myrtille de marais, orcette, vaccinium gaultherioides, vaccinium occidentale, vaccinium uliginosum, western-huckleberry.

inadequate proof to price effectiveness for:
swelling of the liner of the stomach and intestines.
bladder troubles.
other conditions.

greater proof is wanted to rate the effectiveness of bathroom bilberry for those uses.

Bog Bilberry