Bovine Cartilage

Bovine Cartilage
Bovine Cartilage

cartilage is a substance in the body that gives structural help. bovine cartilage comes from cows (bovine). humans once in a while use bovine cartilage as medicinal drug.

bovine cartilage is taken through mouth or injected underneath the pores and skin (given subcutaneously) for rheumatoid arthritis (ra), osteoarthritis, ulcerative colitis, skin conditions along with scleroderma and psoriasis, herpes contamination, brain most cancers (glioblastoma multiforme), and other cancers.

it is also taken by means of mouth for allergies resulting from chemical toxins.

bovine cartilage is implemented at once to the pores and skin (used topically) for wounds that might not heal; outside hemorrhoids and rectal itching; and skin situations such as pimples, psoriasis, and dermatitis because of poison very wellor poison ivy. it is also used for "dry socket," a painful hassle of teeth extraction.

bovine cartilage is on occasion carried out to the anus for inner hemorrhoids and anal tears.

health providers from time to time deliver bovine cartilage as a shot (injection into the muscle) for osteoarthritis.

different names:
antitumor angiogenesis component (anti-taf), bovine tracheal cartilage (btc), cartilage trachéal de bovins, cartílago bovino, catrix, catrix-s, collagen bovine, collagène bovin, glycosaminoglycan polysulphuric acid complex, processed bovine cartilage, psoriacin, psoriacin-t, rumalon.

probable effective for:
zits. making use of bovine cartilage to the pores and skin seems to assist reduce acne.
rectal tears. bovine cartilage can also assist lessen signs of rectal tears while carried out externally at the rectum.
anal itching. bovine cartilage may assist reduce signs and symptoms of anal itching while applied externally at the rectum.
hemorrhoids. bovine cartilage may help lessen signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids whilst implemented externally at the rectum.
"dry socket" after enamel extraction. when bovine cartilage is carried out externally it seems to assist with mandibular alveolitis or "dry socket" after enamel extraction.
osteoarthritis. while bovine cartilage is injected underneath the pores and skin it could assist decrease signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. but, bovine cartilage does no longer seem to be useful while injected into the muscle.
skin reaction due to poison alrightand poison ivy. the usage of bovine cartilage cream at the pores and skin appears to assist with signs and symptoms of poison o.k.and poison ivy.
psoriasis. making use of bovine cartilage to the skin or injecting it beneath the pores and skin for six weeks may also improve signs of psoriasis.
rheumatoid arthritis (ra). whilst bovine cartilage is injected below the pores and skin it is able to assist reduce signs of rheumatoid arthritis.
wound recovery. studies suggests that making use of a specific ointment (catrix 10) containing powdered bovine cartilage to the skin helps lessen pores and skin redness, swelling, and erosion following a laser system on the face.

insufficient evidence to price effectiveness for:
ulcerative colitis.
most cancers.
different situations.

more evidence is needed to fee the effectiveness of bovine cartilage for those uses.

Bovine Cartilage