Broom Corn

Broom Corn
Broom Corn

broom corn is a plant. the seed is used to make medicine.

human beings use broom corn to deal with digestion troubles.

in foods, broom corn is used as a cereal grain.

other names:
andropogon sorghum, blé de guinée, darri, durri, guinea corn, holcus bicolor, milium nigricans, millet, panicum caffrorum, sorgho, sorgho à balais, sorgho commun, sorgho à graine, sorgho vulgaire, sorghum, sorghum bicolor, sorghum vulgare, sorgo.

inadequate evidence to charge effectiveness for:
digestion problems.
different situations.

more evidence is wanted to price the effectiveness of broom corn for these makes use of.

Broom Corn