buchu is a plant. the leaf is used to make remedy.

buchu is used to disinfect the urinary tract for the duration of infections of the bladder (cystitis), urethra (urethritis), prostate (prostatitis), or kidney (pyelonephritis). it's also used to treat sexually transmitted illnesses.

in manufacturing, the oil from buchu is used to present a fruit taste (frequently black currant) to ingredients.

other names:
agathosma betulina, agathosma crenulata, agathosma serratifolia, barosma betulina, barosma crenulata, barosmae folium, barosma serratifolia, bookoo, bucco, buccu, bucku, bukku, diosma, diosma crenulata, diosma serratifolia, hartogia betulin, parapetalifera betulina, parapetalifera crenulata, parapetalifera odorata, parapetalifera serrata, parapetalifera serratifolia, round buchu, quick buch.

inadequate proof to rate effectiveness for:
urinary tract infections.
kidney infections.
sexually transmitted illnesses.
different conditions.

extra evidence is needed to fee the effectiveness of buchu for these makes use of.