Bulbous Buttercup

Bulbous Buttercup
Bulbous Buttercup

bulbous buttercup is a plant. the entire flowering plant is used to make medication.

no matter serious safety concerns, people take bulbous buttercup for pores and skin illnesses, arthritis, gout, nerve pain, flu (influenza), swine flu, and meningitis.

be cautious now not to confuse bulbous buttercup with buttercup or poisonous buttercup. also keep away from confusion with lesser celandine and amaranth. like bulbous buttercup, celandine and amaranth are now and again known as pilewort.

different names:
bouton d'or bulbeux, crowfoot, cuckoo buds, frogsfoot, frogwort, goldcup, hierba velluda, king's cup, meadowbloom, pied-de-coq, pied-de-corbin, pilewort, ranĂșnculo bulboso, ranunculus bulbosus, rave de saint-antoine, renoncule bulbeuse, st. anthony's turnip.

inadequate evidence to fee effectiveness for:
pores and skin diseases.
nerve pain.
flu (influenza).
different conditions.

extra proof is wanted to rate the effectiveness of bulbous buttercup for those uses.

Bulbous Buttercup