Burr Marigold

Burr Marigold
Burr Marigold

burr marigold is a plant. the elements of the plant that grow above the floor are used to make medicine.

human beings take burr marigold for hair loss, colitis, fluid retention, and gout. it's also used to sell sweating.

different names:
bidens tripartita, bident à feuilles triparties, bident à trois folioles, bident partagé, bident trifolié, bident triparti, bident tripartite, cáñamo acuático, chanvre aquatique, chanvre d'eau, cornuet, eupatoire aquatique, water agrimony.

insufficient evidence to charge effectiveness for:
hair loss.
fluid retention.
promoting sweating.
different situations.

extra proof is needed to rate the effectiveness of burr marigold for these uses.

Burr Marigold