Calabar Bean

Calabar Bean
Calabar Bean

calabar bean is a plant. the seed is extraordinarily toxic and is also used to make remedy.

historically, african tribes used calabar bean, the "ordeal bean," to discover witches and people possessed by using evil spirits. they believed that individuals who have been able to consume the bean and live were harmless. topics of the "ordeal" should increase their danger of survival via no longer chewing the bean however, rather, swallowing it entire. chewing releases the poisons in the bean. ritual uses continue in africa regardless of being outlawed.

as medicinal drug, calabar bean is used for eye troubles, constipation, epilepsy, cholera, and tetanus.

calabar bean is a source of the prescription drug physostigmine (isopto eserine, antilirium).

different names:
chop nut, esere nut, faba calabarica, fève de calabar, haba de calabar, haricot de l'ordalie, legume, ordeal bean, physostigma, physostigma venenosum.

insufficient evidence to price effectiveness for:
eye troubles.
other conditions.

extra proof is needed to price the effectiveness of calabar bean for these makes use of.

Calabar Bean