canaigre is a plant. the foundation is used to make medicinal drug.

people take canaigre for improving physical and athletic stamina, paintings performance, and questioning abilities and awareness. in addition they take it as a trendy tonic to enhance properly-being. other uses for canaigre encompass soothing angry or swollen tissues and treating water retention, depression, and leprosy.

in production, canaigre is used for tanning leather-based and demise wool.

canaigre is once in a while known as purple american ginseng, wild red american ginseng, or wild crimson wasteland ginseng. however, notwithstanding the "ginseng" name, it isn't related to panax ginseng, siberian ginseng, or american ginseng and have to no longer be burdened with them.

other names:
canaigre du mexique, canegra, ginseng rouge du d├ęsert, crimson american ginseng, rhubarbe sauvage, rubardo silvestre, rumex hymenosepalus, wild pink american ginseng, wild pink wilderness ginseng.

inadequate proof to price effectiveness for:
fluid retention.
improving bodily stamina.
improving paintings efficiency.
enhancing wondering abilities and intellectual awareness.
as a preferred tonic.
different conditions.

more evidence is wanted to charge the effectiveness of canaigre for these uses.