carqueja is an herb. human beings dry the parts of the plant that grow above the floor and use them to make medicinal drug.

carqueja is used to treat ache, indigestion, swelling, water retention, and constipation. it's also used to protect the liver, save you ulcers, purify the blood, useful resource digestion, reduce fever, and reason abortion. different makes use of consist of treating chest pain (angina), diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, intestinal worms, viral infections, and terrible blood movement. carqueja is likewise used to boom sexual desire.

a few human beings observe carqueja immediately to the pores and skin to deal with wounds.

different names:
bacanta, baccharis crispa, baccharis cylindrica, baccharis gaudichaudiana, baccharis genistelloides, baccharis milleflora, baccharis myriocephala, baccharis trimera, baccharis trinervis, baccharis triptera, cacalia amara, caclia doce, cacalia-amarga, cacalia-amargosa, cacliadoce, carqueja amara, carqueja-amargosa, carqueja-do-mato, carquejilla, carquejinha, chinchimani, chirca melosa, condamina, cuchi-cuchi, quimsa-kuchu, quina-de-condamiana, quinsu-cucho, tiririca-de-balaio, tres-espigas, vassoura.

inadequate evidence to charge effectiveness for:
water retention.
protective the liver.
chest pain (angina).
enhancing circulate.
intestinal worms.
wounds, while applied to the skin.
different situations.

greater proof is wanted to price the effectiveness of carqueja for those uses.