Cassie Absolute

Cassie Absolute
Cassie Absolute

cassie absolute is an extract of the flower of acacia farnesiana. it's far used for medication.

cassie absolute is used for fever, rheumatoid arthritis (ra), tuberculosis, diarrhea, muscle spasms, and belly most cancers. it's also used as a stimulant and to increase sexual preference (as an aphrodisiac).

some humans placed cassie absolute at the skin to treat dryness. it is also used topically to kill insects.

in india, tea crafted from acacia farnesiana is used for gonorrhea, and the root is chewed for sore throat.

in foods and liquids, cassie absolute is used for flavoring.

in manufacturing, cassie absolute is used as a perfume in perfumes.

other names :
absolu de cassier, acacia farnesiana, acacia jaune, acacia odorant, cassie, cassie ancienne, cassie du levant, cassier, huisache, mimosa de farn├Ęse, mimosa farnesiana, popinac absolute, candy acacia.

insufficient proof to price effectiveness for:
rheumatoid arthritis (ra).
sore throat.
stomach most cancers.
use as an insecticide.
use as a stimulant.
growing sexual desire (use as an aphrodisiac).
different conditions.

greater proof is needed to price the effectiveness of cassie absolute for those makes use of.

Cassie Absolute