Cat's Foot

Cat's Foot
Cat's Foot

cat's foot is a plant. its clean or dried flowers are used to make medicinal drug.

people take cat's foot to deal with intestinal disease and water retention. 

be careful not to confuse cat's foot with cat's claw or with ground ivy, which is now and again known as cat's foot.

other names:
antennaire, antennaire dioïque, antennaria dioica, antennariase dioicae flos, cat's ear flower, cudweed, gnaphalium dioicum, katsenpfotchenbluten, life everlasting, mountain eternal, patte de chat, pie de gato, pied de chat dioïque.

insufficient evidence to price effectiveness for:
intestinal disease.
water retention.
other conditions.
more proof is needed to price the effectiveness of cat's foot for these makes use of.

Cat's Foot