cereus is an herb. people use the flower, stem, and younger shoots for remedy.

cereus is used for chest pain (angina), fluid retention related to susceptible coronary heart feature (heart failure), and as a coronary heart stimulant. cereus is also used for bladder infections and different urinary tract issues, bleeding, and shortness of breath.

women use it for painful or heavy menstrual durations.

cereus is every now and then implemented directly to the pores and skin for joint ache.

other names:
cactus à grandes fleurs, cactus grandiflorus, cardon, cereus grandiflorus, night blooming cereus, reina de la noche, reina de las flores, selenicereus, selenicereus grandiflorus, sweet scented cactus.

insufficient proof to fee effectiveness for:
chest pain (angina).
fluid retention because of coronary heart failure.
heavy menstrual pain and bleeding.
urinary tract problems.
shortness of breath.
joint pain, whilst applied to the pores and skin.
other conditions.

more proof is needed to rate the effectiveness of cereus for those makes use of.