cesium is an detail. in its natural kingdom, cesium isn't always radioactive. however, it could be made radioactive inside the laboratory. people use each sorts of cesium for remedy.

in spite of critical protection worries, non-radioactive cesium is taken through mouth for treating most cancers. this is now and again known as "high ph therapy." in step with folks who sell excessive ph therapy, taking cesium chloride through mouth reduces the acidity of tumor cells (raises their ph), which can be defined as very acidic. however these claims are not supported by using technological know-how. there's no scientific studies that suggests tumor cells vary in ph from normal cells or that cesium influences the ph of tumor or normal cells.

non-radioactive cesium is likewise used to treat despair.

healthcare companies every now and then treat cancer sufferers with radioactive cesium (cesium-137).

in industry, radioactive cesium is also utilized in gadgets that measure thickness, moisture, and liquid go with the flow.

different names:
atomic wide variety fifty five, caesium, cesio, césium, cesium-137, cesium chloride, chlorure de césium, cs, cscl, excessive ph therapy, numéro atomique 55, traitement à ph élevé.

inadequate evidence to rate effectiveness for:
cancer. early studies indicates that cesium in aggregate with other vitamins and minerals may reduce the dying rate in some patients with numerous varieties of cancer.
other conditions.

more proof is needed to rate the effectiveness of cesium for those uses.