chaulmoogra is an herb. people use the seed to make medicine.

no matter severe protection concerns, human beings put chaulmoogra powder, oil, emulsion, or ointment at the skin to treat pores and skin issues including psoriasis and eczema.

chaulmoogra is given intravenously (by iv) for leprosy. this isn't surprising for the reason that first drugs used for treating leprosy used chemicals observed in chaulmoogra seeds.

other names:
chaulmugra, da feng zi, hydnocarp, hydnocarpus, hydnocarpus anthelminthicus, hydnocarpus kurzii, gynocardia oil, oleum chaulmoograe, taraktogenos kurzii.

inadequate evidence to fee effectiveness for:
psoriasis, when applied to the skin.
eczema, when carried out to the skin.
other pores and skin problems, while implemented to the skin.
leprosy, when given intravenously.
different situations.

greater evidence is wanted to rate the effectiveness of chaulmoogra for those makes use of.