Cherokee Rosehip

Cherokee Rosehip
Cherokee Rosehip

cherokee rosehip is a shrub. human beings use the fruit to make remedy.

men use cherokee rosehip for male sexual troubles together with leaking semen and other problems. ladies use it for vaginal discharges and uterine bleeding.

different makes use of encompass treatment of night time sweats, frequent urination, mattress wetting, ongoing diarrhea, ongoing cough, high blood strain, and swelling (inflammation) of the gut (enteritis).

other names:
cherokee rose, cherokee rose musquée, chinese rosehip, fructus rosae laevigatae, jin yin zi, jinyingzi, rosa camellia, rosa cherokeensis, rosa chinensis, rosa laevigata, rosa mosqueta cherokee, rosa nivea, rosa sinica, rosa ternata, rosier des cherokees.

inadequate evidence to price effectiveness for:
male sexual problems.
vaginal discharges.
uterine bleeding.
night sweats.
common urination.
bed wetting.
chronic cough.
high blood strain.
intestinal swelling (enteritis).
other conditions.

greater proof is needed to charge the effectiveness of cherokee rosehip for these makes use of.

Cherokee Rosehip