whilst you listen "chia," you might imagine of "chia pets." these are clay figures bought within the us that help the increase of chia sprouts. but chia has a miles longer history as a medicinal herb. it originated in mexico and became cultivated through the aztecs. today, chia is grown commercially in primary america and south the us. it's far grown in particular for its seed, which is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

people use chia seed for diabetes, enhancing exercising performance, excessive blood pressure, decreasing the chance of coronary heart disorder, decreasing a set of situations that boom the hazard of coronary heart ailment, and weight loss.).

chia is applied to the pores and skin for itchy skin (pruritus).

other names:
chía, chia fresca, chia grain, chia oil, chia seed, chia sprout, germe de chia, graine de chia, graine de salba, huile de chia, pinole, s. hispanica, salba, salba grain, salvia hispanica, salvia hispanica l.

probable useless for:
weight reduction. consuming chia seeds mixed with water twice daily earlier than meals for 12 weeks does not improve body composition or lessen blood pressure in folks that are overweight or obese. additionally, eating milled or entire chia seeds daily for 10 weeks does now not improve body composition or blood stress in obese girls.

inadequate evidence to rate effectiveness for:
diabetes. humans who've diabetes are more likely than different people to broaden coronary heart disorder and stroke. a few early studies indicates that people with diabetes can decrease their high chance by ingesting bread that consists of a specific form of chia referred to as salba (salba dietary solutions). the dose of salba that is had to decrease heart disorder and stroke threat is 37 grams in step with day for 12 weeks. this dose seems to reduce blood strain and lower the stages of c-reactive protein and von willebrand factor inside the blood. c-reactive protein is a "marker" for inflammation, a system that a few researchers assume is accountable for some kinds of heart ailment. less c-reactive protein approach there's less irritation. von willebrand factor is worried in blood clotting. less von willebrand issue may mean that fewer clots that could motive a coronary heart attack or stroke are shaped. however, ingesting salba does no longer affect all coronary heart sickness and stroke chance factors. as an instance, ingesting salba in bread does not appear to lower cholesterol.
exercise performance. early studies suggests that educated athletes who drink a beverage containing 50% of energy from chia seeds (inexperienced plus omega three chia seeds) and 50% from gatorade for two days earlier than finishing an endurance exercising perform further to athletes who drink simply gatorade alone.
high blood stress. early studies shows that taking 35 grams in line with day of chia flour for 12 weeks reduces blood strain in human beings with high blood strain. it seems to work nice in human beings already taking medicinal drug to decrease their blood pressure.
a collection of conditions that increase the hazard of heart ailment (metabolic syndrome). early studies indicates that eating 500 fewer energy daily and drinking a beverage containing soy protein, nopal, chia seed, and oat daily for two months can reduce frame weight, body mass index, and waist circumference in humans with metabolic syndrome. however, folks that simply reduce calorie consumption have similar outcomes. still, consuming the chia beverage appears to lower triglyceride ranges and enhance blood sugar as compared to simplest decreasing calorie intake.
itching. early studies shows that applying lotion containing chia seed oil to the skin for eight weeks reduces itching.

greater evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of chia for those uses.