Chicken Collagen

Chicken Collagen
Chicken Collagen

collagen is a protein this is part of cartilage, bone, and different tissues in animals and humans. humans use collagen from chickens for medicinal drug.

hen collagen is used to treat joint ache associated with many forms of arthritis and surgical operation, as well as returned ache, neck ache, and ache following harm.

other names:
chook collagen kind ii, fowl kind ii collagen, colágeno de pollo, collagen ii, collagen kind ii, collagène de poulet, collagène de kind ii, collagène de type ii de cartilage de poulet, collagène de kind ii hydrolysé, hydrolyzed hen collagen type ii, hydrolyzed collagen type ii, kind ii collagen.

insufficient evidence to price effectiveness for:
osteoarthritis. early research suggests that taking a selected product (ar7 joint complex by robinson pharma) containing collagen kind ii, methylsulfonylmethane (msm), cetyl myristoleate, lipase, diet c, turmeric, and bromelain by means of mouth for 12 weeks reduces joint ache and tenderness in human beings with osteoarthritis. but, it does now not appear to enhance x-rays of affected joints.
rheumatoid arthritis (ra). research on the results of collagen kind ii in people with ra suggests conflicting consequences. a few research shows that taking collagen kind ii through mouth for three months reduces joint ache, swelling, and time to walk 15 meters in people with ra. however, other studies does now not show these enhancements while collagen type ii is taken for longer durations of time or in better doses. also, different research indicates that collagen kind ii is much less effective than the drug methotrexate for treating ra.
ache associated with joint pain after surgical treatment, pain after injury, and back and neck pain.
other situations.

greater proof is wanted to fee the effectiveness of collagen type ii for those makes use of.

Chicken Collagen