chlorophyll is a inexperienced pigment found in flowers. plant life use chlorophyll and light to make meals. humans use chlorophyll as remedy. not unusual sources of chlorophyll used for medicinal drug encompass alfalfa (medicago sativa) and silkworm droppings.

chlorophyll is used for bad breath and lowering colostomy scent. a colostomy is a surgical beginning made in the abdomen that allows intestinal waste to be accumulated in a bag. chlorophyll is likewise used for constipation, "detoxing," and wound recuperation.

healthcare companies use chlorophyll intravenously for treating a pancreas hassle known as chronic relapsing pancreatitis.

other names:
chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, chlorophyll c, chlorophyll d, chlorophylle, chlorophylle a, chlorophylle b, chlorophylle c, chlorophylle d, clorofila.

probably powerful for:
swelling of the pancreas (pancreatitis). injecting chlorophyll intravenously (by way of iv) appears to help reduce pain and other signs in humans with persistent relapsing pancreatitis.

in all likelihood useless for:
decreasing colostomy odor. taking chlorophyll via mouth does not seem to reduce colostomy odor.
insufficient evidence to fee effectiveness for...
sores caused by herpes simplex virus (hsv). early studies indicates that applying chlorophyll to the skin as a cream or answer improves recovery and decreases the quantity of sores caused by herpes simplex virus infections.
shingles (herpes zoster). early research shows that applying chlorophyll to the skin as a cream or answer reduces sores and improves healing in humans with shingles.
lung cancer. early studies suggests that injecting chlorophyll intravenously (by way of iv) along with the drug talaporfin, followed by remedy with laser therapy, might lessen most cancers lesions in people with early-stage lung cancer. however, this impact appears to handiest closing for 2 weeks.
pores and skin cancer. early studies shows that injecting chlorophyll intravenously (with the aid of iv) or applying it to the pores and skin in combination with laser or mild remedy reduces the recurrence of most cancers in humans with a commonplace kind of skin most cancers known as basal cellular carcinoma.
terrible breath.
wound recovery.
different conditions.

greater evidence is wanted to rate the effectiveness of chlorophyll for those uses.