choline is nutrient similar to the b vitamins. it may be made within the liver. it is also discovered in foods such as meats, fish, nuts, beans, vegetables, and eggs.

choline is most typically used for liver disorder. it is also used for memory, intellectual feature, preventing positive delivery defects, and many other conditions, but there isn't always proper scientific proof to help a lot of these uses.

other names:
bitartre de choline, chlorure de choline, choline bitartrate, choline chloride, choline citrate, citrate de choline, colina, facteur lipotropique, hydroxyde de triméthylammonium (bêta-hydroxyéthyl), intrachol, l-choline, lipotropic component, methylated phosphatidylethanolamine, trimethylethanolamine, triméthyléthanolamine, (beta-hydroxyethyl) trimethylammonium hydroxide.

probably powerful for:
fatty liver disease. individuals who receive vitamins via the vein can broaden choline deficiency. low blood degrees of choline can cause fat to build up inside the liver. giving choline intravenously (by iv) facilitates treat this circumstance.

probable effective for:
bronchial asthma. taking choline by using mouth appears to reduce signs and symptoms and the range of days that asthma is a problem for some people. it additionally appears to reduce the need to apply bronchodilators.
neural tube delivery defects (start defects that contain the brain and spinal cord). early studies shows that women who eat numerous choline in their weight loss program have a decrease hazard of having infants with a neural tube start illness.

probable useless for:
alzheimer's disease. taking choline by means of mouth does not reduce symptoms of alzheimer's disease.
athletic performance. taking choline via mouth does now not appear to enhance athletic performance or lessen tiredness all through workout.
a brain circumstance called cerebellar ataxia. most studies shows that taking choline does now not improve this condition.

possibly useless for:
age-related memory loss. taking choline with the aid of mouth does now not enhance memory in older people with reminiscence loss.
schizophrenia. taking choline with the aid of mouth does not reduce symptoms of schizophrenia.

inadequate proof to charge effectiveness for:
allergies (hayfever). early research indicates that taking choline by using mouth does not lessen allergic reaction signs in addition to a prescription nasal spray.
bipolar sickness. early research shows that taking choline with the aid of mouth would possibly lessen a few mood signs and symptoms in human beings with bipolar sickness who are also taking lithium.
bronchitis (infected lungs). early studies indicates that inhaling choline solution may lessen signs and symptoms of bronchitis because of dirt.
mental performance. taking a single dose of choline before exercising does not seem to improve memory or questioning competencies after exercise. consisting of choline in nutritional fluid that is injected inside the vein does now not appear to enhance questioning competencies.
seizures. there are reviews that taking high doses of choline might be useful for some people with a sort of seizure referred to as complicated partial seizures.
fetal alcohol spectrum ailment. giving choline by using mouth does no longer seem to improve memory or questioning competencies in kids aged 2.five to 5 years with this condition.
little one and toddler improvement. some early studies shows that children of moms who get greater choline for the duration of pregnancy have advanced reminiscence on the age of seven years. it is not clear if kids of moms who get extra choline in the course of being pregnant have progressed intelligence. effects from early studies are conflicting.
nonalcoholic fatty liver ailment (liver disorder not resulting from alcohol). low dietary intake of choline is linked with extended liver scarring in a few humans with this circumstance. but choline intake does no longer appear to have an effect on the build-up of fat within the liver of humans with this circumstance.
postoperative ache (ache after surgical procedure). taking choline by way of mouth the night earlier than and simply earlier than surgical treatment does now not seem to lower ache after surgical procedure.
incapacity of the intestines to digest food and soak up nutrients (intestinal failure). people with intestinal failure frequently have low degrees of choline. taking choline by mouth does now not seem to growth blood stages of choline in toddlers with this circumstance. but it might assist boom choline tiers in older children.
hepatitis and other liver problems.
excessive ldl cholesterol.
huntington's chorea.
tourette's syndrome.
different conditions.

greater proof is wanted to charge choline for these makes use of.