chymotrypsin is an enzyme. an enzyme is a substance that quickens sure chemical reactions inside the body. people use chymotrypsin to make remedy.

humans take chymotrypsin via mouth or as a shot to lessen redness and swelling related to wallet of infection (abscesses), ulcers, surgery, or stressful accidents; and to assist loosen phlegm in bronchial asthma, bronchitis, lung diseases, and sinus infections.

it is also taken via mouth to reduce liver damage in burn sufferers; and to assist in wound restore.

chymotrypsin is occasionally breathed in (inhaled) or implemented to the skin (used topically) for situations that involve pain and swelling (infection) and for infections.

throughout cataract surgical operation, chymotrypsin is from time to time used to reduce harm to the eye.

other names:
a-chymotrypsin, a-chymotrypsine, alpha-chymotrypsin, alpha-chymotrypsine, chymotrypsin a, chymotrypsine a, chymotrypsin b, chymotrypsine b, chymotrypsine, chymotrypsinum, l-chymotrypsin, l-chymotrypsine, quimotripsina.

effective for:
cataract surgery, while utilized by a healthcare expert.

probably effective for:
burns. there is some proof that chymotrypsin would possibly lower tissue destruction in burn patients.
hand fractures. taking chymotrypsin with the aid of mouth appears to be effective for lowering redness and swelling associated with hand fractures.

inadequate proof to price effectiveness for:
lung illnesses.
sinus infections.
other situations.

more proof is wanted to price the effectiveness of chymotrypsin for these uses.