Cola Nut

Cola Nut
Cola Nut

cola nut is the seed of the cola nut plant. cola nut is used widely in nigeria and plenty of west african nations as a part of traditional hospitality, cultural, and social ceremonies. it is also used to make remedy.

cola nut is used for brief-time period remedy of fatigue, despair, persistent fatigue syndrome (cfs), melancholy, lack of ordinary muscle tone (atony), exhaustion, dysentery, a form of diarrhea known as atonic diarrhea, weight reduction, and migraine complications.

in meals and liquids, cola nut is used as a flavoring component.

other names:
arbre à cola, arbre à kola, bissey nut, bissy nut, cola acuminata, cola nitida, guru nut, gworo, kola nut, kolatier, noix de cola, noix de gourou, noix de kola, noix du kolatier, noix de soudan, noix du soudan, nuez de cola, soudan espresso, sterculia acuminata, sterculia nitida.

inadequate proof to rate effectiveness for:
weight loss. some early research, subsidized through a product producer, shows that taking cola nut in aggregate with ephedra and willow bark by way of mouth for up to six months might purpose modest weight reduction in overweight and overweight human beings. however this aggregate might not be appropriate for weight loss due to protection worries associated with ephedra. ephedra is banned inside the u.s. due to extreme damaging outcomes.
continual fatigue syndrome (cfs).
mental and bodily fatigue.
different situations.

Cola Nut