dhea is a hormone this is obviously made via the human frame. it may additionally be made within the laboratory from chemical substances determined in wild yam and soy. but, the human body can't make dhea from these chemical compounds, so genuinely consuming wild yam or soy will no longer boom dhea degrees. don't be misled through wild yam and soy merchandise labeled as "herbal dhea." dhea serves as a precursor to male and woman intercourse hormones (androgens and estrogens). dhea ranges within the body begin to lower after age 30. this decrease takes place extra fast in women than men. 

dhea is taken with the aid of mouth for slowing or reversing getting old, improving wondering competencies in older humans, and slowing the progress of alzheimer's disease. 

athletes and different people take dhea with the aid of mouth to enhance physical overall performance. however dhea use is banned with the aid of the countrywide collegiate athletic affiliation (ncaa) and olympic committee. 

dhea is likewise taken via mouth for sexual disorder, and to improve properly-being and sexuality in women and men. it's also used for stopping clogged arteries, breast most cancers, infertility, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. 

some human beings take dhea via mouth to treat systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), an immune circumstance characterised by way of dry mouth and dry eyes (sjögren's syndrome), susceptible bones (osteoporosis), a form of muscular dystrophy known as myotonic dystrophy, fibromyalgia, a couple of sclerosis (ms), low levels of steroid hormones (addison's disease), depression, schizophrenia, persistent fatigue syndrome (cfs), muscle damage from exercise, inflammatory bowel ailment, to sluggish the progression of parkinson's sickness, for withdrawal symptoms, and for a circumstance called atrichia pubis. 

dhea is taken by means of mouth for weight loss, reducing the signs of menopause, rheumatoid arthritis, and getting older pores and skin. 

humans with hiv from time to time take dhea by mouth to ease depression and fatigue. 

ladies now and again use dhea inside the vagina for strengthening the walls of the vagina, for increasing bone mineral density, sexual dysfunction, and for a precancerous circumstance called cervical dysplasia. 

some humans use dhea intravenously (by way of iv) to set off labor and for a form of muscular dystrophy called myotonic dystrophy. 

a few human beings inject dhea as a shot for psoriasis. 

dhea is implemented to the skin for getting older skin and to bolster the partitions of the vagina. 

like many nutritional supplements, dhea has some fine manage issues. some merchandise classified to contain dhea have been discovered to include no dhea at all, at the same time as others contained extra than the classified amount. 

different names:
3b-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one, 3betahydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one, androstenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone, déhydroépiandrostérone, dhea-s, gl701, prasterone, prasterone.