Diviner's Sage

Diviner's Sage
Diviner's Sage

salvia divinorum is an herb in the mint family. it has been used for centuries in non secular ceremonies by using the mazatec indians, a local people who live in oaxaca, mexico. the mazatecs believe it's far an incarnation of the virgin mary.

salvia divinorum is used maximum famously as a leisure drug. it produces hallucinations whilst inhaled, while the leaves are chewed, or while extracts are positioned underneath the tongue. it's miles widely available through smoke shops and at the net in concentrated shape. it's far utilized in cigarettes and incense. salvia divinorum possession and use is criminal in most states within the us, however the drug enforcement business enterprise (dea) is reviewing it for feasible managed substance regulation. it's far taken into consideration unlawful in a few states together with delaware, louisiana, maine, missouri, oklahoma, and tennessee.

salvia divinorum is also taken through mouth as a medicine for diarrhea, headache, joint pain (rheumatism), stomach bloating, and as a tonic and cease-of-existence treatment. it's far taken to regulate urination and bowel actions.

different names:
divine mexican mint, diviner's mint, diviners sage, divinorin, divinorin a, feuilles de l.  a. bergère, feuilles de los angeles vierge, herb-of-the-virgin, herba de maría, hierba de la virgen, hojas de la pastora, la hembra, leaves of the virgin shepherdess, magic mint, menthe magique, mexican sage, mexican sage incense, pipiltzintzintli, sadi, sally-d, salvia, salvia divinorum, salvinorin, salvinorin a, sage of the seers, sauge des devins, sauge divinatoire, ska maria, ska maria pastora, yerba de maria, yerba maria.

inadequate proof to price effectiveness for:
generating hallucinations.
regulating urination and bowel moves.
use as a tonic.
other situations.

Diviner's Sage