goldthread is a plant. the underground stem (rhizome) is used to make medicinal drug.

goldthread is used for digestive problems, parasite infections such as leishmaniasis, and trichomoniasis, and a skin condition known as psoriasis.

different names is goldthread recognized by:
anemone groenlandica, cankerroot, chinese language coptis, chinese language goldthread, coptide, coptide à trois feuilles, coptide chinois, coptide du groenland, coptide savoyane, coptide trifoliolée, coptidis rhizome, coptis, coptis chinensis, coptis deltoidea, coptis groenlandica, coptis rhizome, coptis teeta, coptis teetoides, coptis trifolia, golden thread, goldenthread, huang lian, huanglian, mouth root, racine jaune, rhizoma coptidis, savoyane, tisavoyane jaune, yellowroot.

insufficient proof to fee effectiveness for:
digestive troubles.
leishmaniasis (a parasite infection that influences the skin).
trichomoniasis (a parasite contamination this is transmitted sexually).
psoriasis (a pores and skin situation).
other situations.