houseleek is a plant. the leaf of the non-flowering plant is used to make remedy.

houseleek is used for extreme diarrhea.

a few people apply houseleek immediately to the skin for burns; ulcers; warts; and itchy, burning pores and skin and swelling related to insect bites. the diluted juice is used as a gargle for ulcers in the mouth.

different names is houseleek known by using:
aaron's rod, ayegreen, ayron, barbe de jupiter, bullock's eye, hens and chickens, joubarbe, joubarbe des toits, jupiter's beard, jupiter's eye, liveforever, sempervivum tectorum, sengreen, siempreviva mayor, thor's beard, thunder plant.

insufficient evidence to fee effectiveness for:

taken through mouth
intense diarrhea.
different conditions.
implemented to the pores and skin
ulcers in the mouth.
pores and skin ulcers.
itchy, burning skin and swelling from insect bites.
other conditions.