laminaria is a type of seaweed that is local to japan. laminaria incorporates iodine, an detail that the body wishes to make thyroid hormones. it is also a rich source of iron and potassium. no matter extreme safety worries approximately laminaria, a few people use laminaria as medicinal drug.

laminaria is used for weight reduction, excessive blood stress, as a bulk laxative for constipation, and for treating radiation illness. it is also used for stopping cancer.

every so often healthcare carriers use laminaria to amplify the cervix, the mouth of the uterus, earlier than sure scientific procedures. they location a layer of laminaria without delay within the cervix, the "neck" of the uterus. this residue of laminaria is every so often known as a "tent." the purpose of the tent is to increase the cervix earlier than "d&c," also referred to as dilation and curettage (scraping of the uterus); removal of a clinical device this is within the uterus; diagnostic procedures; placement of radium for most cancers remedy; and other gynecological processes. laminaria tents also are used in pregnant ladies to "ripen" (expand) the cervix to make hard work and transport easier, and also to motive abortions at some stage in the primary three months of being pregnant.

other names is laminaria known by:
algue brune, brown algae, brown seaweed, hai dai, kelp, kombu, kun bu, laminaire, laminaire digitée, laminaire japonaise, laminaria digitata, laminaria japonica, laminariae stipites, limu, makombu thallus, sea girdles, seagirdle thallus, thallus laminariae.

in all likelihood useless for:
coaching ("ripening") of the cervix in girls, along with in the course of childbirth or approaches. although laminaria would possibly accelerate childbirth, it does not appear to reduce the wide variety of women who want cesarean sections to deliver. laminaria additionally will increase the danger of infection in each mother and little one.