lecithin is a fats this is essential within the cells of the body. it may be discovered in many meals, including soybeans and egg yolks. lecithin is taken as a medicine. it is also used within the production of drugs, foods, and cosmetics.

lecithin is used for lowering fatty construct-up in the liver and treating memory problems which include dementia and alzheimer's sickness. it's miles used to enhance reminiscence inside the elderly or in humans who have had a head harm. it is also used for decreasing pain after surgical treatment, treating gallbladder disorder, inflammatory bowel sickness (ulcerative colitis), a nerve disease known as friedreich's ataxia, nipple blebs/blisters, mania, high cholesterol, anxiety, a skin ailment called eczema, parkinson's sickness, and for improving athletic overall performance. it's also utilized in humans receiving peritoneal dialysis. in combination with lithium, lecithin is used for a movement sickness called tardive dyskinesia.

some people observe lecithin to the pores and skin as a moisturizer to deal with dry pores and skin or dermatitis.

you may often see lecithin as a meals additive. it's far used to hold certain components from keeping apart out.

lecithin is also used in preparations for intravenous (iv) or pores and skin injections. it's far used to stabilize and prevent medicines within the practise from setting apart out.

you may also see lecithin as an component in a few eye drug treatments. it is used to help preserve the medicine in contact with the attention's cornea.

other names is lecithin recognised by using:
egg lecithin, lécithine, lécithine d'œuf, lécithine de graine de soya, lécithine de soya, lecitina, ovolecithin, ovolécithine, phospholipide de soja, phospholipide de soya, phospholipides de soya, soy lecithin, soy phospholipid, soy phospholipids, soya bean lecithin, soya lecithin, soybean lecithin, vegilecithin, vitellin, vitelline.

in all likelihood powerful for:
liver disease. taking lecithin appears to reduce the accumulation of fats inside the liver of those who are fed long-term through a needle in the vein (parenteral nutrition).